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.Thursday, August 12, 2010 ' 4:28 PM Y
6C Forever

Hey guys, Charmaine here again.
Important notice !
The RSVP date is currently moved to 18 August 2010 !
Gives you more time to ask your parents, etc.

Heehee, up till now - only Clarette & Kun Lan have informed that they can go !
I have posted this outing as an event in Facebook. Please RSVP there or text us alright? (:
Pleasepleaseplease say you can go.

Exams might already start for you , like mine or you might not have them at all.
But those of you that have, study hard, mind your health & good luck ! ^^

Love you all,
Charmaine (;

.Friday, August 6, 2010 ' 11:35 PM Y
6C Forever

Didn't get any queries from anybody besides Clarette !
I didn't specify in the previous post, but this is very important !
Take note:
RSVP by August 14 2010, Saturday !

If we have too little people going to Sentosa, we might cancel the outing or make it a private one. So please please say you can come alrights? (:

Love you all,
text me soon okay ! ^^

Charmaine, 81235666 !

.Wednesday, August 4, 2010 ' 7:17 PM Y
6C Forever

Hehe, missed all of you so much !
Anyway, me and Angel have finally came up with an outing. (:
(yes, finally.)
Details are below, please say you can make it alrights ? (:
I might just cry if you don't.
Ask your parents ASAP , then contact either one of the number below to confirm your attendance okay ?! Hope to hear from all of you soon ! ^^

Venue: Siloso Beach, Sentosa.
Date: 21 Aug 2010, Saturday.
Price for a ticket into Sentosa: $3, price should be able to be paid with your Ez-link card also!

Angel, 96147795
Charmaine, 81235666
Angie, 81274603
Remember, contact us ASAP ! ^^
Call or text us if you have any queries also ! (:

If you have any queries for the ticket price, http://www.sentosa.com.sg/en/getting-to-around-sentosa/getting-to-sentosa/ , we should be taking the Sentosa Express Train that travels from Vivo City to Sentosa. We'll most likely meet in Vivo first before leaving to Sentosa! (:

Charmaine ^^

.Thursday, April 29, 2010 ' 4:56 PM Y
6C Forever

yozxc !
wassup my awesome class ?
i miss you guys so much !
ttm !

aites , exams are around corner .
so , good luck <;

anyways , me & charmaine will organize a class outing kay !
nao we're kinda busy .
so , soon bahs .
prolly in june , ? <;

okay , good luck in exams dudettes !
miss you manymany !

.Wednesday, April 28, 2010 ' 9:10 PM Y
6C Forever

Hello dearest awesome 6Ceers .
This blog is clearly very dead .
But try to keep it alive admins okay ? Please with a cherry on top ! (:

Walao , you guys uh .
None of you tell me whether you guys wanna go to the BBQ ?
Cause obviously i'm going ,
and i miss all of you so much ,
and i wanna see you all again .

Me and Angel (hopefully ? (: ) will organize a outing . Soon .
I think so . HEEHEE . :D

But yeah ,
MYE's just round the corner or has already started .
So to everyone stressing out - YeeChin - , please relax . (:
And everybody ,
jiayouuuu's !

Charmaine . (:

.Tuesday, April 27, 2010 ' 7:05 PM Y
6C Forever

My god la, its been ages since I've seen you guys...
Like, during cny not everyone came :(
Haiz... totally miss the crazy six cee.
Oh well, im totally jealous of those [lucky] people in international schools...
Dun need tie hair, can wear nail polish... and the uniform's like damn nice la :x
& Imma just ask a random question...
Do you guys think Justin Bieber is cute or gay? ._.

.Saturday, March 27, 2010 ' 4:16 PM Y
6C Forever




.Monday, February 22, 2010 ' 10:03 PM Y
6C Forever

So hey guys ! (:
For those that visited RGPS on Feb 12 for CNY , you might already know about the RGPS Alumni BBQ .
I'm going , and i hope i won't be the only one la .
This BBQ is ONLY for the junior alumni by the way .

Here are the details:

Date: 21st May 2010
Where: RGPS Courtyard :)
Cost: $4

I'm not exactly sure where you can purchase the tickets and all .
You can check out the alumni website though , i think they might have it (:
Or you can just appear on that day and buy the tickets !

If you are free that day , please bother to take the time out to come back to RGPS yeah ?
21st May 2010 is a Friday in case you were wondering ^^
I'm not sure of the time , but i will check it out and post some more details soon (:

CharmaineWheee [!]

.Wednesday, January 6, 2010 ' 10:07 PM Y
6C Forever

Hello my dear 6C !
I missed you guys so badly ..
Secondary School is sooooo different from RGPS .
Way different .
I'm just blogging to tell you guys to MAKE SURE ,
you come back to RGPS during new years for meet up .
Understand ? :)
Study hard kays (:

.Friday, January 1, 2010 ' 12:07 PM Y
6C Forever




.Friday, December 25, 2009 ' 12:32 AM Y
6C Forever

Hi guys ^^ I just wanted to say



100th post too !!

.Tuesday, December 22, 2009 ' 2:54 PM Y
6C Forever

Hahaa...this is weird...the First time i actually posted something on the class blog. I'll really miss u guys:( Just you noe...suceed in life and strive for wad u wanna get...err...hope all of u got into the school u wanted and do well for O-levels, A-levels...yeah thats all i kinda can say. Just good luck...yeah. Cya next time if we meet or but i doubt u guys might see me anymore hahaa...um...yeah thats abt it

Remember this?? Hahaa LOL

Abby out...xoxo


.Sunday, December 20, 2009 ' 6:47 PM Y
6C Forever

YESH YESH , ANGIE'S RIGHT (about 2 things)

2nd ish that I AM REALLY PANICKING(zomg) !!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHH , My first choice ... dont say anyt .
Okays , can u sms me or charmaine your posted school ?
So , you know , at least informed .

We'll put it on the classblog .

Well , hope most of you ppl go back to RGPS during new years .
Then we can see each other again !
YESYES , I'll hug ya !!



. ' 11:54 AM Y
6C Forever

I Know 2009 Ish Ending Soon But At Least Try To Keep This Blog Alive Till Then ?
Anyways. Postin' Results Are Gonna Be Released Nxt week ~
LOL . Im Guessing Some PPL Are Panicking ? ( Well , YY ish.. )
Cmonnn ~ 3 More Posts Leftt ~ ! At Least Make It Too a 100 Nyaa~
Btw .
Will Probably Do A Shoutout To Aisyah Too . On 22nd ~ :D

PS : Sorry If I Seem To Inconsistant on My Topics. And Yehp. Imma Borin' Person . XD
- Angie Here Btw.

.Thursday, December 10, 2009 ' 10:53 PM Y
6C Forever

Heyz. Its me again... Heh. I bet you know I am aruuuuu~

So yes. I changed the pic. I am happy with the way it turned out(OMG!) And to make it better its CRYSTAL CLEAR. UNLIKE THA BLURRY(old) ONE. Hopefully its crystal clear on your computer screen.

Tomato. Ah. I can't believe I spent 30mins on that and not on my Wang Yao/China drawing. -.-' AHHHHH. I BET IF I START ON IT NOW MY PHOTOSHOP WILL EXPLODE(not literally)

Ahz. So yea. 4 MORE POSTS TO GO PEOPLE. JUST POST. POST. POST. POST. AND PO- Okaes. Then we reach 100. :D

but if you post more it will still be awesome:D

So yea. I would like to hear your opinion on the new pic(lame!) So write your thoughts on the cbox(HAIZ. ITS A WAY TO MAKE IT ALIVE!)

So seeeya arruuuuu~


P/SS: I am rather talkative today. I shall find my emo self.

. ' 9:21 PM Y
6C Forever


Enjoying your holiday? I hope soo:D

So anywayz~ Imma trying to keep this thing ALIVE. Goodness. At least make this blog hit the '100TH POST MARK'

Unfortunately, we need to have 5 more posts. PEOPLE C'MON. YOUR GRANDMA(despite her old age) IS HERE(in front of the com) TRYING HER BEST OKAES(weelll not really)


Ahhh well wish you all good luck next year~~~ : D

.Saturday, November 14, 2009 ' 10:35 PM Y
6C Forever

Today was graduation. It was so sad! Many of us cried. I know this blog is kinda dead already ( haven't even end of year yet) but i'll just try posting.

In the morning, the formal graduation was kinda boring. Many parents came, took picture blah blah blah. Next, after Mr Lee said that could go break, change, lunch whatever, we all started getting excited! haha. ok. the 'break' was 3 hours. Some people that live in chua chu kang also have time to go home! LOL. okay. So after the break, we met in class (3C) everyone was very excited to see people in weird/nice clothings so the first level was super noisy. Later, class by class, we walked to the hall and was invited by teacher shaking some stuff in cans. We had this great MC, quite fun lah him. First, we played games. 6C was joined with 6F and 6B and probably some other classes too so our group was the BIGGEST and had the LOUDEST scream. (obviously -.-) Aftewr that, we played games like the human formation thing must form like belt, caterpillar and a conveyor belt. It was hard working in such a big group of like more than 2 classes which is about 80 people. After that, we did spider web~! Whic groups that form the largest (they didn't really count that), fastest, strongest (they will throw the ball on the 'spider web' made from strings to test the hardness of it :D) Okay, and for that we didn't win either. But at last our group got 60 points so we won (i think) (we won a correction tape). After the spider web, we went for another eating break in the HALL! Finally the teachers allow us to eat outside of the canteen! HAHA! each of us had a free ben and jerry's ice cream and we could help ourslef to the buffet atg the back of the hall! (there was chocolate fondue and sushi!) Next, we had the dancing competition. We requested for the songs 'single ladies' by Beyonce. haha. we anyhow dance one. at last Tatum from 6J won instead of the GEP-ers. And then a singer called 'Inch' ( dunno how to spell) which graduated from our school in 2000 came and sing songs from her album and 'Forever and Always by Taylor Swift. Then we sang 'Graduation' by Vitamin C and the MC told us to hug our friends, treasure them that kinda thing and that was when many of us started crying. Then somemore the song was super long so we all cried for super long also. HAHA! That's kinda it. After that, we were all super sad. Then we took some pictures and went home. HAHA. After that everyone sms everyone say like only 5 days left all those farewell msgs. I think im done describing today's graduation.

-Clarette :D-

.Wednesday, November 4, 2009 ' 10:55 PM Y
6C Forever

Alrights , we should all know that CIP Fair is tmr.

We finished our files (i hope) , everyt is going fine .

Yeahs , those who need to stayback , hope you got your forms signed ^^

Okays , that's all for me to rant about .

Cya tmr :D


.Thursday, October 29, 2009 ' 4:29 PM Y
6C Forever


Eh. This blog is dead, sadly.... But hopefully tha 6CEERS will be able to see this post under that gigantic picture.

Alrighty, I will go straight to tha point.

If you have any spare pencils which have not been used and you don't need it anymore, bring them to school on mon. The pencils are the "3rd" prize gift. So yea. I don't want to waste sooo much money on some pencils which could be contributed by tha 6CEERS.:D

BTW, I remembered some of you are suppose to contribute sweets or something. LOL. Please bring them!!!(Make sure its not poisonous.)

As for the 1st and 2nd... They are settled I think.... but I feel that there is a going to be a shortage problem...... Ah...... Might need to buy more(BUT THERE ARE NO MORE STOCKS at that popular!)Ah Shhootz.


Eh. So Remember to bring the watever stuff you are suppose to bring. Yipppeeee.

Signing Off ,
Someone who is going to watch The Mentalist after this boring post.

P/S: Each of you will have to pay a really really small sum of money because the entire class is suppose to contribute money(Thats what Mdm Tng said right?.....Eh....). The TOTAL sum of the 1st,2nd and 3rd prizes isn't expensive. So when you divide it by 36, its just a few cents.

Eh... But there still tha files and pebbles/rocks/stones:D If you have those kind of files something like the ones Miss Lim gave us(and you don't want it) CONTRIBUTE! AND YOU CAN SAVE A CENT!

.Saturday, October 17, 2009 ' 1:00 AM Y
6C Forever

Okay , now , PSLE is over .
So its time for CIP fair .
The school disaproved haunted houses this year .
Which will make this year's CIP extremely boring .

Okay , here's the roster .
( Well , so far i know uhh . )

Chairman ; Yee Chin (as usual.. :D)
Asst. Chairman ; Angie
Accountant ; Kun Lan
Asst. Accountant ; Maryam

Editing Team
Photographer ; Ying Ying
Asst. Photographer ; Gabrielle
Poster/Logo designer ; Dana
Asst. Poster/Logo designer ; Julia
Editor ; Isana ( as always .. :D )
Asst Editor ; April

Store Managers
G1 > Store Manager ; Charmaine
Asst Store Manager ; Fidessa

G2 > Store Manager ; Izzah
Asst Store Manager ; Siti

Team Members
Okay .. i totally forgot . Will update when noted .

Yeahs , hmm .. our games.. okay ah ?
So sad urhh , no haunted house D:
Eh , don scold me if i get any of the above wrong , now 1:08am le .
&& I wasnt really listening this afternoon , ahaha .

Uh , yeah , our Project is on

Club Rainbow (Non-profit)


Okay , for the outings .
We will plan the class party soon .

Hort Park
We will meet at school at 7:15am on the 27th Oct 2009

Date & Time not confirm yet , will update when noted .

Okay , i guess that's all :D

I'm off :D


.Wednesday, September 23, 2009 ' 3:16 PM Y
6C Forever


Allowed to use com now~ YAY. Anyway, got our report books back. Happy with your results??? Should be. BE POSITIVE! Actually, I am not happy with it myself....-________-

SOOOOOO to cheer you UP~ Look at this:D

BTW, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBC7pilGoPc&feature=related

watch it. If you have not that is. Theres a Joe Jonas one buuuuut.... I feel very.... ummmmm..... In short, to me, it is obscene. -.-' Seriously.


.Tuesday, September 22, 2009 ' 6:07 PM Y
6C Forever

Yeah, by request of Unknown to blog .
Wow, very long never blog lorh. So weird.
Alamakkk, can someone complain to Blogger about the colouring probs ?
Otherwise I transfer fully to Xanga already .
Xanga can put colour, diff fonts, and all kinds of stuff.
I know Angel's Blogger still can .
But I can't .
I think alot of people's also cannot D:
Sad sad thing :D
Yeah, I blogged.
Now, byeeeee.

.Monday, September 21, 2009 ' 3:47 PM Y
6C Forever

There's been some weird person spamming my n angels cbox -.-
saying really stupid stuff.... n put yys hp no on her blog .... the IP adress of the spammer came from around
joey koh or dana's hse thr... hmmmm..... anyways... HEY GUYS!!!! wanna wish you a SELEMAT HARI RAYA and GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR PSLE YEAH ? :D dont let anything distract you! keep going! ;)
Luv you guys!
-April <3

.Wednesday, September 16, 2009 ' 3:23 PM Y
6C Forever

Holy show , this place is dead .
Must update leh , admins !

Prelims are over , we got our results back .
Happy with your results ?
Hope you are , PSLE is coming .

Blogger got problem !!
I cant upload ytd's art pictures and videos .
I'll upload as soon as possible when i am able to kay ? :D

Hmmm , remember to bring a ziplockie bag this Friday for our PSLE Listening Compre ^.^

.Saturday, August 22, 2009 ' 9:51 AM Y
6C Forever

Don't worry lah..
I'll still TRY to post yeah ?
:) You guys rock so much!
Better work hard for your PSLE yeah!
Prelims starting next Tuesday already....
OMG so anxious can ?
Ooooh Yeah, this is a totally RANDOM question:
Ahem... Who is the most fun person to BULLY?!~ :D
1. YingYing<3
2. Dana :D
3. ...Abby!!! -.-
I know.. stupid... LOL
Been hooked to the songs:
Tonight by FM Static..
Abby & Effie were screaming at me, asking me to listen to it. LOL:)
Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson...
Heard this at Forever 21 -.- DIAO... LOL:D
& I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyes Peas also heard it at Forever 21
Then.. Regret from D.Grayman:)
Heard it on Dana's blog... SO NICE! :D
Ahahahahahahaha spazzing out for fun now...
:D Be happy kay guys!!!
Keep smiling! :D
This is your last year in rgps!
Remember it...<3

.Friday, August 21, 2009 ' 11:02 PM Y
6C Forever

Okay , somehow doing the
" Last Post " on behalf of 6C ...

Okay , so , Prelims & PSLE are coming ,
As you know we want good results ,
So , 6C will be MIA .
MIA = Missing In Action

See ya after PSLE !!

Angel :D


.Saturday, August 8, 2009 ' 4:28 PM Y
6C Forever

Had a blast yesterday ?

Oh i sure did :)

Must remember ytd always as it was our last Celebration thr .
Heee , Heres Our Models ;

1. Julia Chung
2. Abbygail Sardjono
3. Meena
4. Isana Pillai
5. Clarette Teo

Haha , hope you enjoyed it :0
& Congratz to Clarette for being Chosen to represent 6C

Angel :D

.Wednesday, August 5, 2009 ' 9:27 PM Y
6C Forever

16 July 2009 - 6C's very first Mini Volcano :)

Eee , i hate the smell of vinegar :X
Credits :
Photos - Angel
USB Cable - Angie
Angel :D

.Monday, August 3, 2009 ' 2:58 PM Y
6C Forever

Okay , Mdm Tng will give you the details tmr morning .
She said that if we make a book , it'll be costly .
But if we make Ebook , no cost at all .
So depends ....

It will be costly ...

Angel :D

.Saturday, August 1, 2009 ' 1:36 PM Y
6C Forever

80th post :D
So the class yearbook is undergoing discussion now .
Tag in the chatbox for your choice .
Thats pretty much it :D


. ' 11:10 AM Y
6C Forever

Hey Guys!!! (: Bet no one will read this =.= why can't we let EVERYONE have the opportunity to post on the class blog? well, just a suggestion. Anyways, I hate H1N1. Like, EVERYONE is sick now!!! =( Everywhere I go, everyone is ill. It's so depressing. Even Mdm Tng was sick.
Moving on, I really wanna change the class blog. Like, the skin, music, whatever. ENTIRE makeover(: I'll do the work if I have to but I needa be an Admin.
Ying n I were thinking, it would be SO COOL if we could make our own "Class YearBook" (: Like, we take a picture of everyone in the class, passport photo size, and then, around 10 ppl on a page, we can decorate it. Then [sorry if my description is unclear, rushing for time now] under ur own picture, u can write ur own "quote" or wadever u wanna say or describe urself... Plus, signature at the bottom. then after everyone's picture is up, the back pages can be filled with like memories of this year. n if u guys dont mind, we can do that american type of yrbk, whr everyone votes for, "Most Hardworking" or "Most photogenic" BLABLABLA...
So plan is, if we are allowed to do that, it'll be like a 10 page book? using glossy paper and everyone can help donate SOME money. to help sponsor it. I guess the cover can be made out of.. ????? Okay, i really need to stop pitching weird, unprepared ideas... Well, anyone who has another REALLY useful idea, then pls tell us(:(:(:(: Thnx!
BTW, I'm April. My trade mark post is in bold, n is usually pink n blue... (:
Luv you guys!!! c(:

.Thursday, July 30, 2009 ' 9:37 PM Y
6C Forever

Oh wow , This blog is dead .
Imagine 2 years from now , wont this blog be dead-er ?
C'mon ppl blog !!
Whyyy must IIII doooo allll theeee postinggg ????
Oh yeah , Siti get better soon .
P.S , Stay away from 6B & 6D , someone got HFMD .
Pass pass , no body come to sch then .
Uhhh , 6C , time to clean the classroom ... =.="
Angel :D

What can you do with the new Windows Live? Find out

.Tuesday, July 14, 2009 ' 5:51 PM Y
6C Forever

Uhm , whoever is
' sum1fm6c ' spamming on 6B's Class Blog ,
Please stop as the 6B-eers are getting annoyed .

Thank You ! :)


. ' 3:55 PM Y
6C Forever


I'm bored......So blogging here to make this blog look alive

Anyway, PSLE is coming really really really soon. So we all need to study hard! Especially that computer addict...... Lets all hope that we can ALL get into our dream school^____________^(if you have one that is)

*gosh i sound like a teacher trying to motivate her pupils*

BTW, in case you were wondering, I was the one who changed the cursor.........Suddenly I thought that normal one was plain boring. -___-

Today we had ART!!! It was so fun LOL. Got my hand painted white. They are seriously trying to make me look like Allen Walker. (his hand isn't white!)
Thank Goodness they didn't paint my hair......Or I will seriously look like him.....-________________-lll


KKaes...... GTG. Bye~

.Saturday, June 27, 2009 ' 9:18 PM Y
6C Forever

Well, school's re-opening the day after tomorrow.. Whoopee..? Greatness..? I 'ono.. I still haven't done the S.S. Project.. I'll probably do it later, I guess.. Y'know what I can't believe? It's only been one month, and I forgot what a lot of people look like.. Hmm..

- Dana~XD

.Thursday, June 25, 2009 ' 10:03 PM Y
6C Forever

Okay hello .
I'm trying to make things better .
Everybody is upset bout sch reopening .
Well , We get to see each other ? :D
Does that make it better ?

& Yah , have u guys signed ur Travel form ?
I was sleeping while my mom came in to tell me .
My mom came in , i was sleeping ... she said " Oi , wake up ! "
Then i woke up alittle la .
" Mdm Tng called "
Then immediately after i heard that i jumped out of bed thinking what i had done wrong .
LOL . I asked everybody about their reaction when they received the call , all like , think what they do wrong lorh .
Hahaha . I got freaked out la ..

Okay i got nothing to say alrd . Hope the blog will be more alive !!

P.S , Sorry Jia Yu ! I missed out ur name but not ur brithday . Sorry !


.Wednesday, June 24, 2009 ' 2:40 PM Y
6C Forever

Hey guys, really bored. 1st time blogging since feb. very ma fan ma to blog. can't believe 1 month just past like that. 6 more days till the school reopens 4 the 3rd term! wish school holidays could be EXTENDED!!!they put a poll on cna and so many ppl vote for extended school holidays but at last dr eng eng heng also dun allow to extend. so sad. he said abt how we must always be ready and not close just 4 this influenza. at least school still got chance to close lah but only if the influenza gets spreaded over the school. haizz... when school reopens, must go back to taking temperature twice a day. so ma fan lor. the newspaper say at the school gates they also will take though i'm not quite sure abt that. abt like 200 ppl have H1N1 already. hope none of the cases are from our school. it's like more than contries in the europe like france! i guess is cos the space in singapore is too small. other contries are mmuch much bigger. can't believe the year is going by so fast, 3 months more till PSLE and abt 4 and the half months more till graduation. dunno whether i should feel happy or sad for graduation, it suppose to be a happy occasion but the thought of leaving my friends i've been with for six years doesn't seem very happy. i mean 6 years! that's like half of my life! wish i can do well psle. i mean who doesn't? lol. i wanna get 250 like that. i think is too high lah but stilll possible lah. if got good luck still can. :D finish all my school homework liao. my ss project turned our as a disaster though. lazy to redo it. anyway, i wanna wish effie a really happy birthday and hope all your wishes come true!!!

clarette :)

. ' 2:00 PM Y
6C Forever

This is really boring.
Our blog has lost heart .
Only the cbox is alive . LOL .
Just came back from lunch .
So yeahhh .
Done blogging :D
Blog people, thanks.

Charmaine :D

.Wednesday, June 17, 2009 ' 9:09 PM Y
6C Forever

By request of April from Cbox.
To unmake this class blog dead.
We have to... blog ?
Duhhh .
Currently watching Dont Forget The Lyrics.
Exciting man !
The guy singing some song called Man In The Mirror.
Playing for $25,000 !
And he got it... RIGHT !
Man, he talks like a gay :D NO OFFENCE.
Kenny Rogers song, 7 missing word, The Gambler.
Some song that is ?
His gambling his song money !
And his answer is... RIGHT !
He took the 3 sentences chance.
Man ! I'm like telling the whole scene for you :D
But I dont know his name.
I just realised that the song, The Venus, sang by Stephanie Sun.
Is actually by a group called BananaRama.
Alot of A-ma's :D
Now he's singing : Do Wah Diddy Diddy. Funny name :D
Playing for $100,000 !
He just left with $50,000 . Not taking the risk :D Smart him !
His whole answer was WooWooWooWooWooWooWoo. 7 times !
The show finish already :P
Now watching The Ultimatum.
It's getting scary man .
Like the woman is hallucinating that the dead husband is coming to haunt her .
Like real, but duhh, storyline ?
Zoe Tay's her daughter in the movie.
But she exchanged daughters when young to venge the other guy.
So yeah, if you get it, good :D
If you dont, then nevermind, really .
It's really kinda complicated.
And plus, that woman is like stalking ZoeTay.
Like seriously stalking her ! Ask VERYVERYVERY personal questions .
Mean ! She just threw chopsticks to FannWong.
To the face .
Great . Shes hallucinating AGAIN ! Psychotic woman la.
I should really stop, sculley scare you guys :P
This is a rather long post :D
SpongeBobSquarePants now !
I wumble, you wumble, he she we wumble. Wumbology!
He just pressed Squidward to a pickle.
Yeah, I think this post is done.
Rather not dead already eh ?
Good :D

Charmaine :D

.Monday, June 8, 2009 ' 12:20 AM Y
6C Forever

just came back from Malaysia!!!
haiz... wanna die man!!!
its TORTURE i tell you
ya know why?
I'll tell you why!
No smsing
No calling
No internet
No computer
No phone
No music
Kill myself manz....
moving on.... IDK wad to write.
just wanna help liven up the blog cuz its so dam dead... =(
PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! BLOG MORE OFTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought chocolates!!!=D
but only for ppl i get to see during the hols.
not gonna be long before i fnish all of em:)
Abby, YY, YeeChin, Clara [Chua] Amelia they alls
probably will get them:)
coconut falvour, mango flavour, strawberry flavour, durian flavour
I'm tired of typing falvour...
gtg blog on my own blog now

.Sunday, June 7, 2009 ' 9:13 PM Y
6C Forever


Hahahaz I am watching some Heineken Ad now.

Its funny LOL




.Friday, May 29, 2009 ' 2:48 PM Y
6C Forever

Once again, Hello

I know its only a few minutes but I figured that I should post more posts to make the blog look alive. So as you can see, I am only posting all this crap stuff to make it look..... Alive.

Out of boredom I added a mini TV(-.-') and a counter too. I remember I had the original 6C counter account but I forgot the username (stupidly)

Oh and by the way, I am just using more HTML to make the post look more interesting=)....Lame much...


I do not think I need to put my name here.... Well, Its obvious who I am.(Based on the previous post a few minutes ago)

. ' 2:09 PM Y
6C Forever


Since nobody is posting anything, I shall post something. LOL
About the music playlist, if you are soooooo sick and tired of the old songs, Feel free to recommend a song you want in the playlist.=) Just type it in the cbox.

Oh and make sure that there is no (censored) & (censored) & (censored) etc. in the song. If we get scolded again, I am not to be blamed. I warned you already.

Itachi/Beansprout/Cloud/Vincent/Yee Chin/Grandma
(Whaaa.... I don't have anymore nicknames right?)

P/S: I am just posting this to prevent the blog from kicking the bucket. lol
By the way, when can we tell the rest about the new link?
Sigh nevermind. Forget it-.-'

.Thursday, May 28, 2009 ' 9:01 PM Y
6C Forever

Hey 6C-eers! eh, april, yingying types without like a real paragraph. she does like just ENTER once, not twice :D no personal attack :D

Today's the LAST day of school after the 2 terms, exams and blah. ...But, we're still going back to school in the holidays, for JUNE 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Remember! LOL. I feel weird, like today I feel so formal. Like all the start of my sentences are CAPS. and my 'i's are CAPITAL I'S unlike other days :P

Eating pocky now :) YUM! yeah, tats about it!

Charmaine :DDD

.Wednesday, May 27, 2009 ' 5:31 PM Y
6C Forever

Hey guys~

Love the new skin!

You gotta love it too right?;)

Thanks to Yee Chin!

I'm trying to blog the way Ying does.

It's tiring lol:)

By the way, relink me!!!

My new url is http://www.lifeiscomplicat3d.blogspot.com



Today was Napfa!!!! ._.

It was very tiring, felt like dying.

I did 3 incline pull-ups:)

Just enough to pass!!!! Thank goodness! LOLS

I think Matilda did 1... Then she tried again...

And she got 2:)

Aww... it's ok. You can try again next time, yeah?

Sit-ups... Haha!!!! Just want to pass.

Did 13 then stopped.

But Ying and Clara ask me to keep going.

I keep telling them, I cannot! I cannot!

And in the end~

I really cannot =.=" Lols

Got 16, not so bad la. At least passed right?

Standing board jump!!!! AHH!!!

OMG I was totally negative about that.

I was telling everyone, "I'M GONNA FAIL!!!!!!"

So in the end, I went with yy and I got 155:)

Hehe... Expected worse...

Oh ya~ Shuttle run!

First time, I didn't see the yellow line...

=.=" Ended up doing it again. Got 12.67

Haiya can le larhs! LOL

And then it was sit & reach.

Ying & Banana were supposedly the "pros" at that...

Always get A. No acception.

Keep on boasting about it.

And before the sit & reach,

Ying sat on the floor,

Spread her legs like open shop like that._.

And start stretching to "warm up" for sit & reach.

And you know she's in Ballet

So she's supposed to be super flexible.

And while she was stretching, she was like

"Oi! April! Hurry! Stretch now or you'll fail your sit & reach!"

OMG I diedie won't do la...

And in the end... she and Dana got 34...

Don't know what happened but they are very upset lols.

I mean, compared to Abby, who got 43...

WOW-nvm. Hahas!

I'm sure they'll do better next time la, don't need to be so emoXD

Okay, gotta blog on my own blog now~



.Saturday, May 23, 2009 ' 9:03 PM Y
6C Forever

. ' 7:36 PM Y
6C Forever


Nice skin... YAY
Last minute editing was requested by YY....
So I did it


I have nothing better to say...



.Sunday, May 3, 2009 ' 9:17 PM Y
6C Forever

supsup 6C-eers!
just wanted to make a quick post before sleeping :)
tomorrow's our ENGLISH and MOTHER TONGUE composition :) sooo.....


good luck to all!

Charmaine :)

.Monday, April 27, 2009 ' 7:33 PM Y
6C Forever

hello. just saying hi cuz this blog is dead.
since eveyone wanted to post something, here it is.



.Friday, April 24, 2009 ' 9:40 PM Y
6C Forever

hey 6C-eers! went to NJC open house on wednesday. believe me, that school is ginormous. its reallyreally big. and the school environment quite nice :D go check it out. provided open house still open... i dono whether its still open though.

yingying, please post :)

for art today, we had tie dye :P messy and funnn. hahahha. have to go! bye :)


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