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.Monday, April 27, 2009 ' 7:33 PM Y
6C Forever

hello. just saying hi cuz this blog is dead.
since eveyone wanted to post something, here it is.



.Friday, April 24, 2009 ' 9:40 PM Y
6C Forever

hey 6C-eers! went to NJC open house on wednesday. believe me, that school is ginormous. its reallyreally big. and the school environment quite nice :D go check it out. provided open house still open... i dono whether its still open though.

yingying, please post :)

for art today, we had tie dye :P messy and funnn. hahahha. have to go! bye :)


.Tuesday, April 21, 2009 ' 7:27 PM Y
6C Forever

hey guys! tot that i would just post back on the almost dyinng blog. and oh yeah, the NJC open house is until wednesday aka tomorrow. not sure if extension will happen. but, yeah, im probbably going tomorrow. mayb with effie too!

theres really nothing much to talk about now, after restriction. so... lemme know if any of you guys wanna make anything known about on the class blog.

and i know this is really late already, but...

HAPPY BDAE ZEHUI! ----------> 12 APRIL 2009
HAPPY BDAE JOEL! ----------> 16 APRIL 2009

don mind me if i got the dates wrong. didnt bother to look back at the home blog page. i gtg now, bye!!!!


.Wednesday, April 15, 2009 ' 7:32 PM Y
6C Forever

hey 6C-eers, can we just type normally, like this. not like wat yingying or whoever typed previously... its so awkward :) just type and you know... chill :) yea???

im sorta lost for words now. nothing much to type. just thought i havent blogged for kinda super long, so im blogging! some posts are deleted by me. that has MANY bad words D: freaky... lol. so is our face paint poll thing still on? and whos buying the facepaint??? so many things to do :) ahhaha.

just for notice, NJC has an open house on 16th, 17th, 20th, 21st of april :) yea, not sure if theres anymore. my mom checked out the website. and btw, if you wan to go to the open house, you MUST print out a form and fax it over to them for the tour. its that confusing but yea, you have to fax it over to be at the open house. but if you wanna try your luck, you can just try going there and see whether they let you go inside to take the tour. im not sure if you really have to pay anything. check out the website :) http://www.njc.edu.sg all/most of the info you need is there :)

just tot that i'd let you know bout the open house :)


.Tuesday, April 14, 2009 ' 10:33 PM Y
6C Forever

Sorry for scaring you wonderful ppl.
I've deleted all the post from her and removed her from typing in the class blog.
NOW - all happy thoughts.

So we all cant happily wait for games happy carnival day.
With happy facepainting,
well go home happily.
and well b HAPPY all the time !

Ill ask happy mdm tng happily about de happy facepainting.
Dont worry
Be happyyyyy It wont hurtttt.

So now we're all happy about the happy class blog as happy mdm tng happily requested !
So happily go to school. We'll be the happiest class in this happy school !

Stay happy, happy 6C !

We'll not let any negative feelings come by.


Happy Angel !



.Wednesday, April 8, 2009 ' 8:51 PM Y
6C Forever

yesh, its me again. charmaine :) nothing much to talk about, just wanted to you know, type something...? don let the blog die. after so much reviving. i got flu now, blocked nose is irritating. anyways...

the new skin thing on the top of the class blog is nice. its not as dull. not saying it was dull then, but... ahhh... you know wat i mean :)

have to go. bye :)


.Monday, April 6, 2009 ' 8:40 PM Y
6C Forever

Hihi~am typing with one hand so deal with it. been talking to YC on the phone for past an hour & she told me to come see the new banner. Three words... IT. IS. AWESOME. hahas. way better than the old one. it's really cool. credit to Itachi, lols. Anyways, today was impromptu speech competition. Even though yee chin's like way 'insecure' abt it, i think she rocked. btw, she thanks everyone for thir support. heehee, we were like the loudest class there. So cool. we also found rgps 6c 06's blog!!! radical! its kind of dead but still... checkitout: http://www.6-cee.blogspot.com/ its like so cool. they thought of the same 'cee' part. great minds think alike. =D ahahaha oh, & other classes too. all in the links below. gtg now. seeya!


.Saturday, April 4, 2009 ' 3:24 PM Y
6C Forever

i just saw a video abt millions of dogs bein abandoned.

An unsterillized female dog can have up to 67,000 puppies a year.

that is too.. UGH I CANT SAY IT.

those people who abandoned or abuse their pets !

So, we're planning a class outing to SPCA to help.

For more info, pls visit


We may have the outing during the June Holiday.


Thanks !


Ying Ying

. ' 8:02 AM Y
6C Forever

eh, angie & dana. don you wanna look at mdm tng's painted face/hands. wouldnt that just be so awesome. and maybe... we couls paint it FOR HER :) hahahahhhaa. posting at 8:03 in the morning. so tired man. just woke up. later 12-2 got tution :(

anyways, the poll is conducted according to majority, so angie + dana. too bad! you gotta paint with the rest of us :) btw, our class blog is somehow dying. need to REVIVE it. so... whoever is admin, please blog. thanks :)

Charmaine :)

.Friday, April 3, 2009 ' 8:16 PM Y
6C Forever

For the poll that Charmaine was talking about,
here it is !

Q : Should we use facepaint to draw or write on our hands and/or face on Games Carnival Day?

So far voted -

Yes we should
1. Charmaine

2. April
3. Ying Ying
4. Ze Hui
5. Ashley
6. Yee Chin
7. Abby


No we should not
1. Angie
2. Dana

The majority wins.
Results are final.
woah this is like some serious contest.
Even the majority wins, we still need mdm tng's consent.
so pray hard shell allow and we'll also paint her face :D

. ' 5:43 PM Y
6C Forever

hey, charmaine here. requested by ANGEL to blog here. i don agree to changing the blogskin, april. like unless you want to reput the counter, cbox, picture from photobucket and whatever other stuff, you can go ahead. which i don think you wanna.

sort of lost for words... listening to THE CLIMB now. she sounds much better in the CD. mailey can NEVER sustain her breath in concerts. so saddd.

Back to normal un-personal stuff :)
have you pranked anyone lately...? like on april fool's day? 6I maths class pranked mdm ong :) form teacher of 6B. ahhahaa. her reaction was funny. and scary. we pretended that we didnt do our homework. and she flipped out :) scoldscoldscold D: quite scary lehhh. but the good thing is that she found out that she was pranked herself :) so that was kinda good news...? for us...?

lost for words again D:

oh yeah, we had an ICT quiz. and i know one answer for 1 question :) the keyboard name is QWERTY. at least thats wat i heard people say :) and the ICT quiz is represented by:

hahahha. i like leaving paragraphs :) copyrighted. ahahahaha. bored now.

im currently talking to yingying and april on ebuddy. we came up with this idea... A POLL!
you see this poll is interesting. talking to you about it now. next post will tell you the details :) pray hard that mdm tng allows! you must be so excited :)


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