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.Saturday, June 27, 2009 ' 9:18 PM Y
6C Forever

Well, school's re-opening the day after tomorrow.. Whoopee..? Greatness..? I 'ono.. I still haven't done the S.S. Project.. I'll probably do it later, I guess.. Y'know what I can't believe? It's only been one month, and I forgot what a lot of people look like.. Hmm..

- Dana~XD

.Thursday, June 25, 2009 ' 10:03 PM Y
6C Forever

Okay hello .
I'm trying to make things better .
Everybody is upset bout sch reopening .
Well , We get to see each other ? :D
Does that make it better ?

& Yah , have u guys signed ur Travel form ?
I was sleeping while my mom came in to tell me .
My mom came in , i was sleeping ... she said " Oi , wake up ! "
Then i woke up alittle la .
" Mdm Tng called "
Then immediately after i heard that i jumped out of bed thinking what i had done wrong .
LOL . I asked everybody about their reaction when they received the call , all like , think what they do wrong lorh .
Hahaha . I got freaked out la ..

Okay i got nothing to say alrd . Hope the blog will be more alive !!

P.S , Sorry Jia Yu ! I missed out ur name but not ur brithday . Sorry !


.Wednesday, June 24, 2009 ' 2:40 PM Y
6C Forever

Hey guys, really bored. 1st time blogging since feb. very ma fan ma to blog. can't believe 1 month just past like that. 6 more days till the school reopens 4 the 3rd term! wish school holidays could be EXTENDED!!!they put a poll on cna and so many ppl vote for extended school holidays but at last dr eng eng heng also dun allow to extend. so sad. he said abt how we must always be ready and not close just 4 this influenza. at least school still got chance to close lah but only if the influenza gets spreaded over the school. haizz... when school reopens, must go back to taking temperature twice a day. so ma fan lor. the newspaper say at the school gates they also will take though i'm not quite sure abt that. abt like 200 ppl have H1N1 already. hope none of the cases are from our school. it's like more than contries in the europe like france! i guess is cos the space in singapore is too small. other contries are mmuch much bigger. can't believe the year is going by so fast, 3 months more till PSLE and abt 4 and the half months more till graduation. dunno whether i should feel happy or sad for graduation, it suppose to be a happy occasion but the thought of leaving my friends i've been with for six years doesn't seem very happy. i mean 6 years! that's like half of my life! wish i can do well psle. i mean who doesn't? lol. i wanna get 250 like that. i think is too high lah but stilll possible lah. if got good luck still can. :D finish all my school homework liao. my ss project turned our as a disaster though. lazy to redo it. anyway, i wanna wish effie a really happy birthday and hope all your wishes come true!!!

clarette :)

. ' 2:00 PM Y
6C Forever

This is really boring.
Our blog has lost heart .
Only the cbox is alive . LOL .
Just came back from lunch .
So yeahhh .
Done blogging :D
Blog people, thanks.

Charmaine :D

.Wednesday, June 17, 2009 ' 9:09 PM Y
6C Forever

By request of April from Cbox.
To unmake this class blog dead.
We have to... blog ?
Duhhh .
Currently watching Dont Forget The Lyrics.
Exciting man !
The guy singing some song called Man In The Mirror.
Playing for $25,000 !
And he got it... RIGHT !
Man, he talks like a gay :D NO OFFENCE.
Kenny Rogers song, 7 missing word, The Gambler.
Some song that is ?
His gambling his song money !
And his answer is... RIGHT !
He took the 3 sentences chance.
Man ! I'm like telling the whole scene for you :D
But I dont know his name.
I just realised that the song, The Venus, sang by Stephanie Sun.
Is actually by a group called BananaRama.
Alot of A-ma's :D
Now he's singing : Do Wah Diddy Diddy. Funny name :D
Playing for $100,000 !
He just left with $50,000 . Not taking the risk :D Smart him !
His whole answer was WooWooWooWooWooWooWoo. 7 times !
The show finish already :P
Now watching The Ultimatum.
It's getting scary man .
Like the woman is hallucinating that the dead husband is coming to haunt her .
Like real, but duhh, storyline ?
Zoe Tay's her daughter in the movie.
But she exchanged daughters when young to venge the other guy.
So yeah, if you get it, good :D
If you dont, then nevermind, really .
It's really kinda complicated.
And plus, that woman is like stalking ZoeTay.
Like seriously stalking her ! Ask VERYVERYVERY personal questions .
Mean ! She just threw chopsticks to FannWong.
To the face .
Great . Shes hallucinating AGAIN ! Psychotic woman la.
I should really stop, sculley scare you guys :P
This is a rather long post :D
SpongeBobSquarePants now !
I wumble, you wumble, he she we wumble. Wumbology!
He just pressed Squidward to a pickle.
Yeah, I think this post is done.
Rather not dead already eh ?
Good :D

Charmaine :D

.Monday, June 8, 2009 ' 12:20 AM Y
6C Forever

just came back from Malaysia!!!
haiz... wanna die man!!!
its TORTURE i tell you
ya know why?
I'll tell you why!
No smsing
No calling
No internet
No computer
No phone
No music
Kill myself manz....
moving on.... IDK wad to write.
just wanna help liven up the blog cuz its so dam dead... =(
PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! BLOG MORE OFTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought chocolates!!!=D
but only for ppl i get to see during the hols.
not gonna be long before i fnish all of em:)
Abby, YY, YeeChin, Clara [Chua] Amelia they alls
probably will get them:)
coconut falvour, mango flavour, strawberry flavour, durian flavour
I'm tired of typing falvour...
gtg blog on my own blog now

.Sunday, June 7, 2009 ' 9:13 PM Y
6C Forever


Hahahaz I am watching some Heineken Ad now.

Its funny LOL




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