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.Saturday, August 22, 2009 ' 9:51 AM Y
6C Forever

Don't worry lah..
I'll still TRY to post yeah ?
:) You guys rock so much!
Better work hard for your PSLE yeah!
Prelims starting next Tuesday already....
OMG so anxious can ?
Ooooh Yeah, this is a totally RANDOM question:
Ahem... Who is the most fun person to BULLY?!~ :D
1. YingYing<3
2. Dana :D
3. ...Abby!!! -.-
I know.. stupid... LOL
Been hooked to the songs:
Tonight by FM Static..
Abby & Effie were screaming at me, asking me to listen to it. LOL:)
Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson...
Heard this at Forever 21 -.- DIAO... LOL:D
& I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyes Peas also heard it at Forever 21
Then.. Regret from D.Grayman:)
Heard it on Dana's blog... SO NICE! :D
Ahahahahahahaha spazzing out for fun now...
:D Be happy kay guys!!!
Keep smiling! :D
This is your last year in rgps!
Remember it...<3

.Friday, August 21, 2009 ' 11:02 PM Y
6C Forever

Okay , somehow doing the
" Last Post " on behalf of 6C ...

Okay , so , Prelims & PSLE are coming ,
As you know we want good results ,
So , 6C will be MIA .
MIA = Missing In Action

See ya after PSLE !!

Angel :D


.Saturday, August 8, 2009 ' 4:28 PM Y
6C Forever

Had a blast yesterday ?

Oh i sure did :)

Must remember ytd always as it was our last Celebration thr .
Heee , Heres Our Models ;

1. Julia Chung
2. Abbygail Sardjono
3. Meena
4. Isana Pillai
5. Clarette Teo

Haha , hope you enjoyed it :0
& Congratz to Clarette for being Chosen to represent 6C

Angel :D

.Wednesday, August 5, 2009 ' 9:27 PM Y
6C Forever

16 July 2009 - 6C's very first Mini Volcano :)

Eee , i hate the smell of vinegar :X
Credits :
Photos - Angel
USB Cable - Angie
Angel :D

.Monday, August 3, 2009 ' 2:58 PM Y
6C Forever

Okay , Mdm Tng will give you the details tmr morning .
She said that if we make a book , it'll be costly .
But if we make Ebook , no cost at all .
So depends ....

It will be costly ...

Angel :D

.Saturday, August 1, 2009 ' 1:36 PM Y
6C Forever

80th post :D
So the class yearbook is undergoing discussion now .
Tag in the chatbox for your choice .
Thats pretty much it :D


. ' 11:10 AM Y
6C Forever

Hey Guys!!! (: Bet no one will read this =.= why can't we let EVERYONE have the opportunity to post on the class blog? well, just a suggestion. Anyways, I hate H1N1. Like, EVERYONE is sick now!!! =( Everywhere I go, everyone is ill. It's so depressing. Even Mdm Tng was sick.
Moving on, I really wanna change the class blog. Like, the skin, music, whatever. ENTIRE makeover(: I'll do the work if I have to but I needa be an Admin.
Ying n I were thinking, it would be SO COOL if we could make our own "Class YearBook" (: Like, we take a picture of everyone in the class, passport photo size, and then, around 10 ppl on a page, we can decorate it. Then [sorry if my description is unclear, rushing for time now] under ur own picture, u can write ur own "quote" or wadever u wanna say or describe urself... Plus, signature at the bottom. then after everyone's picture is up, the back pages can be filled with like memories of this year. n if u guys dont mind, we can do that american type of yrbk, whr everyone votes for, "Most Hardworking" or "Most photogenic" BLABLABLA...
So plan is, if we are allowed to do that, it'll be like a 10 page book? using glossy paper and everyone can help donate SOME money. to help sponsor it. I guess the cover can be made out of.. ????? Okay, i really need to stop pitching weird, unprepared ideas... Well, anyone who has another REALLY useful idea, then pls tell us(:(:(:(: Thnx!
BTW, I'm April. My trade mark post is in bold, n is usually pink n blue... (:
Luv you guys!!! c(:

This blog was officially up on 19 February 2009
No spamming & Strictly No Vulgarities

To all 6C pupils ; If you want to be an author ,
Please contact either Ying Ying , April, Charmaine or Yee Chin

T e a c h e r s
Form/Science/SS/Math: Mdm Tng
Chinese/CME: Miss Yap
PE: Mr Lau
Art/HE: Mrs Chua
English: Mr Lee
Music: Miss Chan

S t u d e n t s
We will officially graduate on the 14th November 2009

Aarti Chandra Sehkar
10 June
Indian Dance
Deyi Secondary School (DYSS)

Abbygail Elaine Sardjono
5 March
SoftBall, BasketBall

Aisyah Mazlan
22 December
Singapore School of Science & Technology (SST)

April Li Teng
1 April
St Margaret's Secondary School (SMSS)

♥Ashwini Ashley Suresh
25 July
Bishan Park Secondary School (BPSS)

♥Boey Ya Wen Matilda
28 February
Raffles Entrepuner

♥Angel Chain Ying Ying
19 February
Symphonic Band
Chestnut Drive Secondary School (CDSS)

♥Chen Zilin
20 November
Art & Crafts
St Margaret's Secondary School (SMSS)

♥Chui Yee Chin
14 March
Symphonic Band
Crescent Girls' School (CGS)

♥Chung Min Li Julia
19 January
Methodist Girls' School (MGS)

Clara Hong Poh San
27 September
ACS International (ACSi)

Danisha Mathialagan
25 May

Deepika Veeraputeran
23 March
ACS International (ACSi)

Dhikshitha Nagaraj
3 December
Indian Dance

Euodias Yeo
Library Club
St' Margeret Secondary School (SMSS)

Fadhillah Mohamed
19 August
Raffles Girls' School (RGS)

♥Goh Keng Mian Joel
16 April
Art & Crafts
Zhenghua Secondary School (ZHSS)

Isana Pillai
27 September
Art & Craft
Tanjong Katong Girls' School (TKGS)

Ishwarya Nair
23 October
Indian Dance

Cedar Girls' Secondary School (CGSS)

Izzah Marshitah
12 May
Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School (AISS)

Jessica Ho Jia Hui
24 November
Zhenghua Secondary School (ZHSS)

♥Li Xue Ting Angie
2 October
Symphonic Band
Mayflower Secondary School (MFSS)

Maryam Ali Reda
10 May
Crescent Girls' School (CGS)

Meenakshi Ramanathan
19 December
Gan Eng Seng Secondary School (GESSS)

♥Ng Jia Yu
3 January
Raffles Entrepuner
Bukit Batok Secondary School (BBSS)

♥Ng Soo Inn Fidessa
29 November
Fitness Club
Queenstown Secondary School (QTSS)

♥Seah Sze Hwee Gabrielle
20 October
CHIJ Katong Convent (CHIJ K.C)

Siti Nuramira
27 October
Henderson Secondary School (HSS)

♥Tan Effie
24 June
Symphonic Band
Bartly Secondary School (BSS)

♥Tan Hui Zheng Carolyn
10 July
St. Joseph International (SJI)

♥Tan Kun Lan
21 January
Tanjong Katong Girls' School (TKGS)

♥Tan Yu Xin
7 December
Dunearn Secondary School (DSS)

♥Teo Pei Ru Clarette
9 December
Fitness Club
Ang Mio Kio Secondary School (AMKSS)

♥Wee Khee Xin Charmaine
18 October
Fitness Club
Kranji Secondary School (KSS)

♥Wong Ze Hui
12 April
Symphonic Band, Swimming
St. Margaret's Secondary School (SMSS)

♥Yeo Dana
13 October
Crescent Girls' School (CGS)

Pls just tagg on de cbox if any of ur names or your birthdays are typed wrongly :D
36 out of 36 girls turned 12 (: YAY!

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